The most important expectation in respect of modern contraceptives is that they should be safe. However, important aspects also include sparing the female organism and comfort of use. It is difficult to achieve both with traditional methods of contraception. According to experts, modern intrauterine contraception, that is, the application of state-of-the-art intrauterine devices, is one of the safest and most sparing methods of contraception today.

Non-hormonal MelbeaGold IUDs represent one of the most recent innovations in this field. MelbeaGold IUDs further enhance the benefits of already well-known and popular gold and copper alloy coils by an innovation. By applying superior quality active elements of copper and gold content, MelbeaGold IUDs meet all requirements of the highest efficiency, safety and sparing use.

MelbeaGold IUDs are provided with CE marking and comply with the stringent safety requirements of the EU directive on medical devices. Superior quality is ensured by the close relationship between the manufacturer and the inventor of this product, as well as by the unique professional experience of our manufacturing site in the field of IUD production.

The contraception efficiency of MelbeaGold IUDs is comparable to the efficiency of contraceptive pills and most other hormonal methods.

This is due to a unique triple mechanism of action which efficiently prevents fertilization and nidation. The gold and copper alloy wire plays a dominant part in this. In addition, MelbeaGold IUDs are extremely gentle to the female organism for several reasons:

  • as they are available in several sizes, everybody can select individually the model to suit best.
  • the surface of MelbeaGold IUDs remains splinterless and smooth even after a long time. Besides, the metal surface of the active component also protects against bacteria due to its local disinfectant effect.

Design and form

MelbeaGold IUDs have a soft plastic frame whose “Y”-shaped design resembles a flower and follows the natural geometry of the uterus. As shown by the drop-shaped ends of the raised lateral arms, rounded forms were prioritized in design. A wire with gold and copper alloy content is coiled around the stem of the frame and is fixed without free ends exposed. As not all wombs are uniform, MelbeaGold IUDs are available in three different sizes. Thus, MelbeaGold IUDs fit gently and precisely, they hold optimally, and they are not harmful to the uterus.


MelbeaGold IUDs are completely hormone-free. Therefore, contrary to hormonal contraception methods, they do not influence the hormonal balance of the body.

MelbeaGold IUDs have no undesirable effects on the natural rhythm of the organism, on your mood, weight or skin, and they are also suitable for those who cannot use hormonal contraceptives for health reasons. MelbeaGold IUDs are fit for use by smokers and ladies over 30 years of age as well.

And if you are a mother, there is no hazard that hormones get into the body of your baby during the period of lactation.

Sparing and safe

MelbeaGold IUDs prevent pregnancy with 99% efficiency, thereby they are much safer than most contraceptive methods, including birth control pills. This safety is guaranteed by MelbeaGold IUDs for as long as 5 years. Therefore the application of MelbeaGold IUDs is one of the safest methods of contraception with the longest effect. In addition, MelbeaGold IUDs are small and flexible, so they are not disturbing for either of you and your partner. They are particularly sparing for the uterus due to the unique application of the active substance of copper and gold content. The surface of the active constituent remains smooth and splinterless even during long-term use, therefore local injuries caused by sharp edges can be avoided. Besides, the active component of MelbeaGold has a local disinfectant effect against bacteria and protects against infections.

Flexible and reversible

MelbeaGold IUDs ensure the safe contraception for a period of 5 years; they only need to be replaced afterwards. However, you can decide at any earlier date that you do not wish to use your MelbeaGold IUD for contraception, for instance if you are planning to have a baby or for any other reason. In such a case it is completely harmless to have your MelbeaGold IUD removed before the expiry of the period of application. You only need to visit your gynaecologist who will remove it by way of a short and generally painless procedure. MelbeaGold IUDs have no long-term impact on the organism. Fertility is restored shortly after removal: normal levels are reached in some weeks as if you had never used a MelbeaGold IUD.



MelbeaGold IUDs do not require further attention in addition to occasional self-checks of the thread by the user and annual routine tests performed by your gynaecologist. You do not need to bother about observing daily, weekly or monthly routines of application or if the jet lag causes any problems in case of travels. Your MelbeaGold coil is always in place, providing nonstop protection without you needing to think about it. Only the purest and highest quality materials are used for manufacturing MelbeaGold IUDs. Thus, MelbeaGold IUDs are a bit more expensive than traditional copper coils. Still, the cost of 5 years of carefree contraception is several ten thousand HUF including IUD placement, amounting to about 500 HUF per month.