The active substance of MelbeaGold IUDs is a wire with gold and copper alloy content, the active material copper of which includes gold diffused in its deeper layers. As a result, MelbeaGold IUDs exert their effect with maximum intensity as the entire surface of their active substance participates in the contraception process. In contrast, a considerable part of the surface of IUDs with other noble metal alloy active substances is covered and blocked by inactive noble metal atomic groups (so-called islets). In the course of use, the size of these islets increases, decreasing the efficiency of IUDs with an alloy as active substance in ascending proportions.

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1 Precise fit

The size and shape of the uterus can vary greatly from person to person. It is very important to define the size of the IUD by taking these individual differences into account, so that the IUD should be adequately fixed to be prevented from falling out on the one hand, and it should not fit too close to cause pain or bleeding on the other hand. MelbeaGold IUDs are available in various sizes, so your gynecologist can select the proper size for you.

2 Foreign body reaction

Physiologically, MelbeaGold IUDs are foreign bodies. As such, they trigger limited biological and biochemical changes in the uterus, which are not harmful to the organism, but create environmental conditions for the sperms reaching the uterus to considerably reduce their mobility, vitality and fertility.

3 Effects of copper

Copper, released in small quantities from MelbeaGold IUDs on a continuous basis, enhances the foreign body reaction. In addition, it triggers changes in the cervical mucus which further reduce the mobility and vitality of sperms. Furthermore, it causes special changes in the metabolism of the uterus, whereby the environment created makes fertilization and nidation difficult.

4 Micro-galvanic effects

The atomic groups on the surface of the active substance constitute a large number of so-called local galvanic cells while in contact with the moisture in the uterus. These should be conceived as tiny galvanic batteries where some of the copper atom groups form the negative pole, while other copper atom groups constitute the positive pole. The voltage generated between these poles also reduces the mobility, vitality and fertility of sperms.

5 Antimicrobial effect

Ions ceaselessly released from the active substance of MelbeaGold IUDs exert a local disinfectant effect against potential pathogens and bacteria in the uterus. This special effect of the active substance is successfully applied in the case of other implanted medical devices to prevent infections.

6 Corrosion resistance

For traditional IUDs, where the elements are made of pure copper, the release of copper causes the metal to corrode over time. Sharp edges can be produced this way, which can cause local injuries and bleeding. In contrast, MelbeaGold IUDs preserve their surface integrity and frame structure even after a long time.