These General Contracting Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GCTC) regulate the conditions for visiting, using and making purchases through our website.

Please study these provisions carefully, especially prior to making any purchases.

We reserve the right to amend these GCTC! Customers will be notified of changes on the website. The effective text of the GCTC shall always be available on the website.

All contents included in the website, in particular images and descriptions, constitute the intellectual property of the website owner, who is also the sole party entitled to use such contents. The website and its contents may be used and/or exploited only to the extent explicitly consented to by the website owner.

We shall make every effort to ensure our website is free of errors and viruses. On the other hand, it is your responsibility to make sure you visit and use the website via equipment offering sufficient protection against virus attacks. Accordingly, we shall not be held liable for any damage to the equipment you use and any data contained on such equipment.

Website operator and seller of the products available for order:

  • Company name: Melbea Innovations Kft.
  • mailing address (registered office): 6600 Szentes, Bese László utca 8.
  • phone number:
  • e-mail:

Website hosting service provider:

  • Mediacenter Kft., 6000 Kecskemét Sosztakovics u. 3. II/6

1. The Product

You will find a precise description of essential features of the Product you wish to purchase under the Product heading, and further information is available on the website. The images posted on the website are only for illustration purposes. If you have any further questions concerning the Product you wish to order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gross product sale prices are indicated next to the Product. Any other cost that may arise in addition to that price (especially transport or mailing charges) will be provided in the course of finalising your order. For deliveries within Hungary, a flat rate of HUF 1,000 gross will be charged, any costs in excess of this shall be borne by us.

2. Ordering and order deliveries

By ordering the Product, you represent you accept these General Contracting Terms and Conditions, have understood the order process, therefore, these GCTC shall constitute integral parts of the contract concluded based on your order. Your order will create a sale and purchase agreement for the Product between you and Melbea Innovations Kft.

You can submit your order by selecting the given Product and specifying the quantity ordered, and by providing your order details on the website.

The total amount payable by you (purchase price + transport and any other cost) shall be displayed before the final submission of your order, and sending your final order shall constitute acceptance of your liability to pay this amount.

You will receive and e-mail message confirming acceptance of your order following payment to the e-mail address specified by you, indicating the expected date of delivery (which shall be no more than 15 days after the date of payment). The electronic invoice issued for the sale will also be sent to the same e-mail address.

Please make sure you complete the fields required for successful delivery accurately, as we shall not be held liable for any damage or problems arising out of your failure to do so.

You can make payment by bankcard, wire transfer or in cash on delivery. The payment system operated by PayU Hungary Kft. (Cg.: 01-09-959180, 1074 Budapest, Rákóczi út 70-72) – hereinafter: PayU – shall be used to make payment. When preparing your order, please make sure that the bankcard and/or other details related to payment are submitted directly to PayU (for further details, see the Information on Data Privacy).

Packages will be sent to the mailing address provided by you either by mail or by courier service.

It is your responsibility to arrange for package collection.

You shall check the external packaging of the Product and sign the acceptance slip in case of complete and problem-free delivery upon collecting your package. After this, we are unable to accept any complaints concerning missing items and quality.

If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the courier service will contact you after notifying you first, and will deliver the package again at a time agreed with you. Delivery after two failed attempts will be attempted only after payment of all the costs incurred due to failed delivery. If delivery fails to take place for a reason within your control, the purchase price of the product ordered and other costs paid will not be refunded.

3. Right to withdraw

According to the rules of Government Decree No. 45/2014 (II.26) Korm. applicable to contracts between remote parties, no right of withdrawal may be exercised with regard to products in sealed packaging that cannot be returned after opening for health protection or hygienic reasons.

In spite of this, if you qualify as a consumer, we offer a right of withdrawal for the products ordered through our website. On the other hand, such right of withdrawal may be exercised solely in respect of products that have not been opened beyond a doubt or the packaging of which is otherwise intact. We reserve the right to refuse return goods in case of doubt.

You may exercise your right of withdrawal described above as follows:

You are entitled to withdraw from the contract on purchasing the product without having to give reasons within 14 days of accepting the Product order from the courier service (mail service). These 14 days shall expire on the 14th day following the day on which you or a third party other than the transport operator, designated by you, accepted the Product.

If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must submit your unambiguous notice of your intention to withdraw to one of the addresses included in these GCTC (e.g., by mail, fax or e-mail). You may use the following template statement of withdrawal for this purpose:

“Sample statement of withdrawal
(complete and return only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)
To: Melbea Innovations Kft.
I/we the undersigned declare that I/we am/are exercising my/our right to withdraw in respect of the purchase of the following items: MelbeaGold intrauterine contraceptive device
Date of contract / acceptance:
Name(s) of consumer(s):
Address(es) of consumer(s):
Signature(s) of consumer(s): (only for statements made in hard copy)

The right of withdrawal shall be deemed to have been exercised in time if you submit your statement on withdrawal before the deadline specified above expires.

If you withdraw from the contract, we will refund all amounts paid by you including transport costs within 14 days of receiving your statement on withdrawal (except for extra costs incurred because you selected a transport method other than the least expensive usual method of transport offered by us). The method of refunding shall be the same as the method of payment used in the original transaction unless you specifically consent to using any other method of payment; you will have to bear no extra cost pursuant to such other method of payment. The refund may be withheld until the earlier of receiving the Product returned or your evidence of having dispatched it.

You must return or send back the Product without delay but no later than 14 days of notifying us of your withdrawal. You shall be deemed to have complied with the deadline if you send the return product before the 14-day deadline expires. You shall bear the direct cost of returning the Product.

Please note that the Product may not be inserted in certain health conditions, such as certain infections or pregnancy (for further details, see Downloads/Patient Information). Return Products in these cases will only be accepted subject to the same conditions as set out above.

4. Liability for Defects, Product Liability, Money Back Guarantee

In the event that we default on delivery, we shall have a liability for defects and or product liability as set out in the Hungarian Civil Code. The relevant information can be found in Annex No. 1.

Our Products are not subject to warranty.

You can submit any complaints using the contact details set out herein. Any complaints received shall be investigated without delay and remedied as needed. If you disagree with the way your complaint was managed or it is not possible to investigate a complaint without delay, the complaint and your position concerning the complaint will be recorded in minutes, a copy of which shall be sent to you no later than our answer to the merit of your complaint. You shall receive a response to your complaint no later than within thirty days of the day we receive the complaint.

In exceptional cases, your physician may consider it necessary to remove the MelbeaGold intrauterine device. The reason for such cases is a particular personal feature due to which your body fails to tolerate the intrauterine device for some reason and not a product defect. In such cases, we agree to repay the price of the Product, provided you qualify as a consumer and have purchased the product on this website. The condition for repayment is that you shall return the electronic invoice of your purchase to us, supply the exact details and contact details of the physician who removed the device, and that the physician who removed the device issues a written certificate of removal, indicating the exact reason for removing the device, and you submit the original of this certificate to us. This money back guarantee shall apply to Products removed between the 90th and 270th days after the date when the Product was purchased. You shall propose repayment no later than within 15 days of the day when the device is removed. We reserve the right to investigate and verify the intrauterine device removal, the reason for removal and the circumstances related to the purchase on the website, and the right to refuse repayment in case of doubts. Repayments approved for business policy reasons or on an equitable basis shall not serve as the reason or grounds for other refunds!

5. Settlement of disputes

If you qualify as a consumer, you will be entitled to consult the competent mediation body in disputes related to the quality or safety of the Product, the application of product liability rules, the quality of service or the conclusion and delivery of the contract between the parties out of court, and to attempt to reach agreement for this purpose or, if such attempts fail to bring results, to reach a decision and enforce consumer rights in a simple, quick, efficient and cost-efficient procedure. When requested by a consumer or a business, the mediator body will advise on rights and obligations of consumers.

The mediator body having competence at your address or your place of residence shall be entitled to conduct the procedure. If you have no address or place of residence in Hungary, the competence of the mediator body shall be established based on the place where the business involved in the consumer right dispute or the entity authorised to represent such business has its registered office.

Mediator body having competence at our registered office:

Mediator Body of Budapest

  • Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99
  • Phone number: (1) 488-2131(1) 488-2131
  • Fax: (1) 488-2186
  • Name: Dr. György Baranovszky
  • E-mail address:;

The mediator body specified in a request from the consumer shall have competence for conducting the procedure instead of the body having competence over our registered office.

We shall attempt to settle any disputes primarily by out of court negotiations, but shall not be generally subject to the decision of the mediator body.

The Code of Conduct set out in the Act on the Prohibition of Unfair Trade Practices against Consumers does not apply to our activities.

Annex No. 1

Sample information on liability for defects, product liability and warranty

1. Liability for defects

  • Which are the cases in which we shall be held liable for defects?
    You may make a claim on liability for defects as set out in the Hungarian Code for Civil Procedure in case Melbea Innovations Kft. defaults in performance.
  • What rights can you enforce based on our liability for defects?
    You may make the following claims at your discretion:

    • You may request that the Product be repaired or replaced, except if it is impossible or would entail an onerous surplus cost for the business compared to the fulfilling other claims. If you did not or could not request a repair or replacement, you may claim a pro rata reduction of the price paid or have the defect repaired yourself or have it repaired at the cost of the business, or – ultimately – withdraw from the contract.
    • You may switch between your rights under liability for defects but you shall bear the cost of that switch, unless it was justified or done for a reason due to our business.
  • What is the deadline for making claims for liability for defects?
    You shall give notice of the defect immediately after becoming aware of it but no later than within two months of becoming aware of the defect. Please note you may not enforce any rights concerning our liability for defects after a period of two years from the date when the contract was delivered; all such claims shall lapse.
  • Who to make the claim to?
    You may make claims concerning our liability for defects to us.
  • What other conditions are there for enforcing such claims?
    Other than giving notice of the defect, there are no other conditions for making claims for liability for defects within six months of delivery, provided you confirm that the product or service in question was delivered by Melbea Innovations Kft. On the other hand, after six months have elapsed since delivery, it will be up to you to prove that the defect detected by you has existed already at the time of delivery.

2. Product liability

  • When can you hold us liable for the product?
    In case of a defect of a movable object (product), you may exercise your right specified in Clause 1 or a product liability claim.
  • What are your rights under a product liability claim?
    The only product liability claims you may have are claims for repairing or replacing the defective products.
  • When is a product deemed to be defective?
    A product is deemed to be defective if it fails to comply with the quality requirements in effect at the time it is released to the market, or if it does not have the features included in the product description provided by the manufacturer.
  • What is the deadline for making product liability claims?
    You may make product liability claims within two years of the date when the product is released to the market by the manufacturer. Your right will lapse after this deadline.
  • Who to make the claim to and what other conditions are there for making the claim?
    You may make product liability claims only to the manufacturer or distributor of movable objects. In case of making a claim under product liability, you will have to prove that the product was defective.
  • When can the manufacturer (distributor) be released from product liability?
    The manufacturer (distributor) shall be released from product liability only if it is able to prove that:

    • it did not manufacture or distribute the product in the framework of its business activities, or
    • the defect was unrecognisable using the technology available at the time of releasing the product to the market, or
    • the product defect arises out of the application of legislation or a statutory requirement.
  • Manufacturers (distributors) need to prove only one of the above reasons to be released.

Please note that you may not make parallel claims for liability for defects and for product liability on account of the same defect. However, if you successfully make a claim under product liability, you may make claims for liability for defects in respect of the replaced product or repaired component.